We need Partners

Sadly, Imagine That has no local partners yet. But you could change all that by becoming the first.

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What's a Partner?

A Partner is a local organization or person who helps kick-start and support this project by:

  • getting the word out
  • lending credibility
  • attracting sponsors
  • connecting idea-oriented people

In return, we share a portion of the sponsorship revenue with Partners

Why apply to be a Partner?

We bet you have an interest in improving your community. And you probably want to be part of something that can inspire positive change. Partnership offers you a simple way to to that while generating additional income, gaining exposure, and advancing your organization's mission.

Is there a catch?

Nope. It costs nothing. In fact, we share sponsorship income with Partners. As a Partner you'll be asked to help attract Sponsors and users. Not all Partners who apply will be accepted. We're still working out a more systematic and transparent way to appraise Partners, but basically we just need to ensure you're not a fly-by-night organization.